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To provide professional manpower with various skilled and un-skilled workers to the region.

To insure the efficiency in doing the job assign to our company by our clients.

To establish and provide the training facilities to local workers in a various categories to insure those workers will benefit from our expertise in the filed & short listing for the position required and of skilled training.



For CBRS, choosing a reliable provider of facilities management services is critical, as is developing detailed agreements that protect your confidential business information. By outsourcing facility management to CBRS your company is provided with significant reductions in costs, hassles and time spent thus allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

CBRS also guarantees the added benefit of true visibility and real time information on service delivery and performance, measured against jointly agreed service level agreements. CBRS is also a proud member of IFMA (International Facility Management Association) CBRS operations incorporate one of the best CAFM systems which help the facility managers to ensure optimum utilization of resources at lowest possible cost besides enhancing every phase of a building's lifecycle. This system supports operational and strategic FM i.e. all activities associated with administrative, technical, and infrastructural FM tasks when the facility is operational, as well as the strategic processes for facilities planning and management Benefits achieved are-Flexibility, Productivity, Expert Assistance, Better Service and Cost Saving, Enhanced service delivery through use of technological advancements.


This can be divided into two categories: Pre - Selection. & Post - selection.

Seek approval from Labors authorities.

Advertising in local newspapers.

Screening & preliminary interview by consultants.

Trade testing and facilities for final selection.

Consultants play a major role in deciding on the best mode of talent search, screening and evaluation of bio-data as well as personnel at the first selection. If the principal or the client has his own arrangements for the final selection, the final line-up of candidates is one that has been specially screened, evaluated, tested and selection by our consultants.

We usually advertise utilizing the press coverage of the most leading newspaper with the largest circulation. However, we also have in hand short-lists complied in active files, which can be called in at very short notice.

Applications containing bio-data received in response to an advertisement or drawn from our short lists are once again subjected to thorough examination and Screening by our consultants.

On completion of final selection, we reach the following stages of the recruitment project:

Complete medical test and reports.

Police clearance.

Preparation of passports & other Docs.


Visa Formalities.

Finalizing Contracts.

Airline Ticketing & Travel Formalities.

Briefing\Orientation Prior to Departure.

Transport to Airport for Physical Dispatch of Personnel.

Life insurance.

Completion and authentication of required documents is an important function. We also attend to passport formalities such as endorsement of passport in order to fulfill visa requirements.

Candidates are medically tested and certified by a reputed clinic as mentally and physically fit to take up employment abroad. The medical reports are once again authenticated by a government medical authority.

On confirmation of visa formalities on the part of principal, we effect the necessary travel arrangements in association with the airlines and ensure the physical departure of the personnel.