CBRS is equipped with adequate infrastructure and state of the art equipment besides a fleet of vehicles that enables it to take up jobs quickly with minimal turnaround time. Some of the most advanced equipment such as high rise access cradles, surveillance system, metal detectors, vehicle search mirrors, guard tour system etc. enables the staff to provide maximum efficiency with minimum efforts.


Prior to submitting a quote CBRS consultants always inspect the site and recommend options that are considered necessary in terms of the client’s specific service needs, as well as provide suggestions for improvement while bearing in mind the best cost/benefit approach for the clients.



CBRS has adequate insurance cover against Public Liability against claims of loss to property which also covers indemnity to customers for any proven claims of negligence. We have cover against Workmen compensation liability including personal injury to our employees and employer’s liability as per the requirement of the local regulations. Along with the above, we cover the employee for group life insurance to give them additional security.

About Us

Central Bureau Recruitment Services (CBRS) considers itself to be a pathway in regulating the region's manpower outsourcing industry in compliance with the government initiatives and to make a positive contribution to our society and environment.

We are a standard professional organization considered to be a trademark in the manpower outsourcing industry providing levels of services to our business partners where excellence and commitment becomes a standard of life style.

We believe in attracting, developing, motivating and retaining a diversified workforce within a healthy environment.

As CBRS grew, we created the standards that have come to define modern staffing and recruiting. Customers benefit from Central Bureau Recruitment Services swift responsiveness, excellent customer service and bilingual staff. Customers do not need to look any further when seeking reliable and time-saving Recruitment & Manpower services as we form deep and long-lasting business partnerships with our clients to ease their staffing dilemmas. We assure our clients our services and solutions, as usual, are cost effective and value-driven.

Our assets are our people. We recognize their importance in the company, and hence our hiring process is rigorous just so to build our team of highly skilled and talented personnel.


The recruitment process begins with the Human Resource Department receiving requisitions for recruitment from the sales & marketing department. Our HR Consultants then prepares the job description and employee specification for the required position. Our consultants discuss the requirements in detail with our clients to understand the client requirements. The job description lists the duties of the job and the employee specification contains the skills, knowledge, aptitudes related to the job, experience, competencies, education and training, personal qualities, and the ability to carry out the job.


This allows for an assessment of the employee during the period of contract, thereby enabling a smooth transition from contract to permanent appointment.


Select overseas recruitment agencies in various countries and schedule dates for interviews. We provide demand letter to recruitment agencies to advertise, arrange interviews, identify and help procure candidates for the interview. CBRS (Engineers, Foreman, & one Management Representative) travels for interviews. Candidates have to go through trade test/technical test to prove their skills and knowledge, and shortlisted for each category. CBRS briefs the selected candidates with the job such as salary package, working hours and days, vacation, accommodation, facilities, end of service benefits, etc. Gather documentation, check references, and verify background. Provide visas to selected candidates.


Our Consultants then start looking for the candidates that fit into the parameters specified by the client from our candidate pool or screen candidates from job portals. We also advertise or invite applicants to generate a pool of potential candidates. Manage advt. response, shortlist and identify potential candidates, confirm their current job/visa status, salary and benefits package, and availability.


Our Recruitment Panel schedules first round interviews with candidates. Interview, selection test, (Business case for analysis /presentation skills may be tested for assessing certain skills) and pre-employment verification. Final round interview for selected candidates with more emphasis on functional competencies by our Recruitment Panel/ or by Functional Heads from the Client’s end. Appoint selected candidate by our Recruitment Panel or by Client.

Central Bureau Recruitment Services, through its affiliates with organizations all over the world, provides extensive services that are current and competitive. Our strength lies in the diversity in our products & services. Learn more about how we can make things easier for you.

Our company is vastly fasten and client -oriented, in arrangement to offer a reasonable service to our clients. It is significant that our whole establishment works constantly, cost effectively and professionally to client needs.